Rapidly Manufactured Ventilator System (RMVS)

Manufactured in Canada. Compliant to US standards.

1000 minimum order at $10,097/unit

3-5 weeks turnaround

This is a specification of the minimally (and some preferred options) clinically acceptable ventilator to be used in UK hospitals during the current COVID-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus. It sets out the clinical requirements based on the consensus of what is ‘minimally acceptable’ performance in the opinion of the anaesthesia and intensive care medicine professionals and medical device regulators. It is for devices, which are most likely to confer therapeutic benefit on a patient suffering with ARDS caused by SARS-CoV-2, used in the initial care of patients requiring urgent ventilation. A ventilator with lower specifications than this is likely to provide no clinical benefit and might lead to increased harm, which would be unacceptable for clinicians.

Intensive care medicine is a whole system of care and ventilators cannot be safely used on any patient without trained staff and other equipment and medicines. Where these impinge on the specification they are mentioned below.

It is proposed these ventilators would be for short-term stabilization for a few hours, but this may be extended up to 1-day use for a patient in extremis as the bare minimum function. Ideally it would also be able to function as a broader function ventilator which could support a patient through a number of days, when more advanced ventilatory support becomes necessary.

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